We lead and inspire

Structured Finance, Growth, Development and Governance Solutions.

Strategies may involve corporate structuring, capital raising, investment management, as well as specialized hedging and derivatives transactions, managing the leverage and risk in a balanced manner.

Strategic adoption of the above state of the art solutions is a complex process of introducing innovation into a corporate structure, in an organized and intentional way. It is based on strategic planning, strategic thinking and sustainable execution.

We advise, co-pilot businesses & shadow the forward-thinking Principals in their strategic moves.

From structural improvement to reengineering & sometimes complete reinvention, RomFactor is a one-stop shop cross-border group of senior business leaders with extensive hands-on experience, who have served to Principals & executive leaders in large and small organizations.

Established in 2009, RomFactor has helped Principals to rethink and improve their approach towards effective ownership and leadership in order to reach sustainable business results. The advice provided by RomFactor adds value to the strategic, financial, competitive and technological moves of Principals.

We contribute to the analysis and resolution of complex business challenges by focusing entirely on you, the Principal of the organization, and your business context.

The next breakthrough will happen by having our team of senior executives as your trusted advisors for tailoring the evolution and success of your organization in accordance with your personal strengths and values.

Good management alone is no longer enough...today, strategic adoption is key.

The business world is transitioning from an era when success was entirely dependent on good management, to an era in which success is driven by Principal-led reinvention.

Deep diving together with RomFactor’s Board in the real levers of creating value will help you eliminate potential dead ends and discover the potential of your short and long term moves.

Our mission is to support Principals & key managers of organizations in shaping their journey to success through business re-engineering.

We are your turnkey co-pilot, tailored, transformational partner.

The RomFactor Edge

Strategize, Reengineer, Integrate, Scale

You know what they say, it is rather lonely at the top. As a forward-thinking Principal you always need an edge & unbiased vetted information. This is where we come in. 

Business Transformation for Growth and Development

RomFactor develops bespoke, need-driven solutions through our expertise regarding complex corporate financing & governance, including equity/debt structuring and strategic tactics.

Sustainable Structured Capital Solutions

Together, we will uncover which type of change your organization needs in order to maximize success.  We will help you understand the different types of growth, strategy, planning and degrees of employee engagement.

Innovation & Technology for Governance

We use data-driven digital technology to speed up your governance processes and enhance operations in your key business areas.

Our advisory team partners with businesses built on character & values, to contribute towards sustainable development, through

Reengineering & Innovating Sustainable Finance, Development & Governance Solutions;

Co-piloting strategic & tactical actions as Principal’s proxy;

Executing the implementation of the solutions provided, teaming up with Principal’s team as a project owner.

Industries we know inside-out

Our team has exhaustive experience across a wide range of industries. We have  combined industry knowledge and expert perspectives from other industries in order to address the various challenges at stake.

In all our advisory services, we partnered with clients acting in the following sectors:




Private Infrastructure (Rail & Water)


Fintech & Insurtech, Innovation & Technology




Business Interruption, Business Continuity & Emergency Response Technologies


Mobility & Serviceability

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